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Today (July 3, 2024) is Dad’s home-going anniversary and two years one week ago, Dad made a spontaneous wish as he blew out his birthday candles. I’m here to announce that God is answering Dad’s wish.

On June 22, I got down on my knee and proposed to one of the most godly, beautiful, and capable women I’ve ever met. She’s indescribably more than I could ever hope for or deserve. And can you believe it? Penny said “YES!” I look forward to introducing you to the woman that I love, cherish—and by God’s grace—will provide for, protect, and lay down my life.

And what else? Not only did Penny get to meet Dad, she says she fell in love with Mom before me, and calls Mom her Naomi. Penny is the epitome of a Proverbs 31, excellent wife, who is “far more precious than jewels”!

Rejoice with me as God continues to write our testimony as an example of the amazing power of God’s saving and sanctifying grace. To God be the glory.

More information (and pictures) will be coming soon!


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