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Empowering youth to understand, embrace, and celebrate biblical sexuality

Where are today’s teens learning about sex and sexuality? Have our fears and inadequacies resulted in us saying little or nothing? Silence is no longer an option.

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A new 12 lesson digital video curriculum featuring Dr. Christopher Yuan, is designed for parents, grandparents, and their teens.

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The world has beaten us

The World Has Beaten Us to Our Youth

Our youth are getting their cues about sex and sexuality from TikTok, social media, and almost everywhere except God’s Word. The question is no longer, "Is it too early?" but "Is it too late?" We've allowed the world to catechize our kids. Let's change that.

The world has beaten us
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Are you a parent of a teen, a Christian high school teacher, or a church youth leader looking for a resource on biblical sexuality that is grounded in the gospel, full of grace and full of truth? Are you looking for something more than abstinence and purity, but something that will lay a biblical foundation for their entire lives?

Holy Sexuality Teen Curriculum is a 12 lesson video curriculum based on Dr. Yuan's book, Holy Sexuality and the Gospel: Sex, Desire, and Relationships Shaped by God's Grand Story, which was named 2020 book of the year for social issues by Outreach Magazine.

Biblical sexuality isn't just what not to do, because we can't build a Christian life on God’s no. What is God’s yes? The Holy Sexuality Project will begin with identity then move to discussing desires and temptations, marriage and singleness. Finally, the video series will provide practical advice on how we can share Christ to a world that does not embrace and celebrate biblical sexuality. This is truly the only curriculum of its kind.

The Holy Sexuality Project Coming July 2023.

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